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Winter Hunting Event - 50 Millions Prizepool

PokéOne Community hosted a Hunt Event on 26.12.21 with a huge prize pool of 50 million Pokédollars to be won. The first 50 places will be rewarded with a prize. In addition, the first place will receive an exclusive flight mount that no one on the server owns yet.

A Zapdos Flymount will be awarded to the winner!

What do you have to do?

You have to hunt Pokémon on 26.12.21 from 3 different difficulty levels 1 point category 3 point category and 5 point category (you can find them on the screenshots below).

What and how much can I win?

You can get all further information from us in the forum, such as which Pokémon are hunted. Just click here


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  • 2022-03-05
    Location: -

    Posts: 1

    How many Pokemon caught:41
    How many Points:56

    Pokémon Pictures (imgur link):

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